• Tema 1 - Salute
  • Tema 2 - Prodotti alimentari, agricoltura, pesca e biotecnologie
  • Tema 3 - Tecnologie dell'informazione e della comunicazione
  • Tema 4 - Nanoscienze, nanotecnologie, materiali e nuove tecnologie di produzione
  • Tema 5 - Energia
  • Tema 6 - Ambiente (ivi compresi i cambiamenti climatici)
  • Tema 7 - Trasporti (ivi compresa l'aeronautica)
  • Tema 8 - Scienze socioeconomiche e umanistiche
  • Tema 9 - Spazio
  • Tema 10 - Sicurezza
  • Iniziative Tecnologiche Congiunte

Tema 1 - Salute

  • Atlas - Development of laser-based technologies and prototype instruments for genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses
  • Euclyde - European Consortium for Lysosomal Disorders
  • EVINCI - Evaluation of Integrated Cardiac Imaging for the Detection and Characterization of Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Prepobedia - Novel prep1 - Dependent transcriptional networks in the control of insulin sensitivity
  • TuMIC - An integrated concept of tumor metastasis: implications for therapy
Progetti in fase di negoziazione
  • THE GRAIL - Tissue in Host Engineering Guided Regeneration of Arterial Intimal Layer

Tema 2 - Prodotti alimentari, agricoltura, pesca e biotecnologie

  • COLORSPORE - New sources of natural, gastric stable, food additives, colourants and novel functional foods
  • ETHERPATHS - Characterization and modelling of dietary effects mediated by gut microbiota on lipid metabolism
  • MYCORED - Novel integrated strategies for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in the food and feed chains
  • SUSTAINMED - Sustainable agri-food systems and rural development in the Mediterranean Partner Countries
  • SYMBIOSIS - Scientific synergism of nano-bio-info-cogni science for an integrated system to monitor meat quality and safety during production, storage, and distribution in EU
  • MAREX - Exploring Marine Resources for Bioactive Compounds: From Discovery to Sustainable Production and Industrial Applications
  • FOODSEG - Safe Food for Europe -- Coordination of research activities and Dissemination of research results of EC funded research on food safety
  • PROMETHEUS - PROcess contaminants: Mitigation and Elimination Techniques for High food quality and their Evaluation Using Sensors & Simulation
  • GLOWORM - Innovative and sustainable strategies to mitigate the impact of global change on helminth infections in ruminants

Tema 3 - Tecnologie dell'informazione e della comunicazione

  • Airobots - Innovative aerial service robots for remote inspections by contact
  • DEXMART - Dexterous and autonomous dual-arm/hand robotic manipulation with smart sensory-motor skills: A bridge from natural to artificial cognition
  • Dotfive - Towards 0.5 Terahertz Silicon/Germanium Hetero-junction Bipolar Technology
  • ECHORD - European clearing house for open robotics development
  • euRobotics - European Robotics Coordination Action
  • Phydyas - Physical layer for dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio
  • Phorbitech - A Toolbox for Photon Orbital Angular Momentum Technology
  • ARCAS - Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System
  • SAPHARI - Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction
  • SHERPA - Smart collaboration between Humans and ground-aErial Robots for imProving rescuing activities in Alpine environments - Beneficiary: Consorzio C.R.E.A.T.E.
  • RockEU - Robotics Coordination Action for Europe
  • EuRoC - European Robotics Challenges - Beneficiary: Consorzio C.R.E.A.T.E.

Tema 4 - Nanoscienze, nanotecnologie, materiali e nuove tecnologie di produzione

  • COPIRIDE - Combining process intensification-driven manufacture of microstructured reactors and process design regarding to industrial dimensions and environment
  • NAPOLYNET - Setting up research intensive clusters across the EU on characterization of polymer nanostructures
  • SYNFLOW - Innovative Synthesis in Continuous-Flow Processes for Sustainable Chemical Production
Progetti in fase di negoziazione
  • IFaCOM - Intelligent Fault Correction and self Optimizing Manufacturing systems

Tema 6 - Ambiente (ivi compresi i cambiamenti climatici)

  • Ensure - Enhancing resilience of communities and territories facing natural and na-tech hazards

Tema 7 - Trasporti (ivi compresa l'aeronautica)

  • ACCENT - Adaptive control of manufacturing processes for a new generation of jet engine components
  • COSMA - Community oriented solutions to minimise aircraft noise annoyance
  • DESIREH - Design, simulation and flight reynolds number testing for advanced high-lift solutions
  • EUROTURBO 8 - Support to Eighth European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics
  • EXTICE - EXTreme ICing Environement
  • AFDAR - Advanced Flow Diagnostics for Aeronautical Research
  • EUROTURBO 9 - Support to Ninth European Conference on Turbomachinery -- Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, Istanbul, Turkey, 21-25 March 2011
  • SPECTRUM - Solutions and Processes to Enhance the Competitiveness of Transport by Rail in Unexploited Markets

Tema 8 - Scienze socioeconomiche e umanistiche

  • BLUE-ETS - BLUE-Enterprise and Trade Statistics
  • Euroidentities - The evolution of European identity: using biographical methods to study the development of European identity

Tema 9 - Spazio

  • Grasp - Green advanced space propulsion
  • Orphee - Innovative propellants in hybrid propulsion technology and its applications in space transportation
  • DOLPHIN - Development of Pre-operational Services for Highly Innovative Maritime Surveillance Capabilities

Iniziative Tecnologiche Congiunte

Progetti in fase di negoziazione
  • WSN DPCM - WSN Development, Planning and Commissioning & Maintenance ToolSet


  • Parte 1 - Infrastrutture di ricerca
  • Parte 2 - Ricerca a favore delle PMI
  • Parte 3 - Regioni della conoscenza
  • Parte 4 - Potenziale di ricerca
  • Parte 5 - Scienza e Società
  • Parte 6 - Sviluppo coerente delle politiche di ricerca
  • Parte 7 - Attività di cooperazione internazionale 

Parte 1 - Infrastrutture di ricerca

  • Anaee - Structuring infrastructures for the analysis and experimentation on ecosystem
  • Egee III - Enabling grids for e-science III
  • Infravec - Research capacity for the implementation of genetic control of mosquitoes
  • Series - Seismic engineering research infrastructures for European synergies
  • EGI-InSPIRE - European Grid Initiative: Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe
Progetti in fase di negoziazione
  • BRISK - The European Research Infrastructure for Thermochemical Biomass Conversion

Parte 2 - Ricerca a favore delle PMI

  • Nanofoods - Development of foods containing nanoencapsulated ingredient

Parte 4 - Potenziale di ricerca

  • Natpharma - Reinforcement of research potential for the realisation of a complete drug development scheme from natural compounds

Parte 5 - Scienza e Società

  • Traces - Transformative Research Activities. Cultural diversities and Education in Science -
  • ISWA - Immersion in the Science Worlds through Arts


Formazione iniziale dei ricercatori

  • Dynacop - Dynamics of architecturally complex polymers
Progetti in fase di negoziazione
  • PIMMS - Proton Ionization Molecular Mass Spectrometry

Formazione continua e sviluppo delle carriere dei ricercatori

Progetti in fase di negoziazione
  • SAFES - Service Assessment and Failure of Earth Structures

Percorsi e partenariati congiunti Industria- Università

  • Blue4glue - Reinforcing capacity towards industrially relevant research on bio-inspired materials and delivery mechanisms

Dimensione internazionale

  • Nano-Enag - Use of nanomaterials for environmental and agricultural applications
  • MarBioTecEU-CN - European-Chinese Research Staff Exchange Cluster on Marine Biotechnology
  • MaNEqui - Mathematical studies on critical non-equilibrium phenomena via mean field
    theories and theories of nonlinear partial differential equations
  • SUPERPANELS - Strengthening and Upholding the Performances of the new Engineered Research PANELS
  • EXCHANGE-SSI - Experimental & Computational Hybrid Assessment Network for Ground-Motion
    Excited Soil-Structure Interaction Systems
  • Cacomel - Nano-carbon based components and materials for high frequency electronics


  • Hamiltonianpdes - Hamiltonian partial differential equations: new connections between dynamical systems and PDEs with small divisors phenomena
  • Antegefi - Analytic techniques for geometric and functional inequalities
  • HistAntArtSI - Historical memory, Antiquarian Culture and Artistic Patronage: Social Identities in the Centres of Southern Italy between the Medieval and Early Modern Period
  • FINLAB - Finance and Labour
  • RODYMAN - RObotic DYnamic MANipulation - Host Institution: Consorzio C.R.E.A.T.E.