Design, synthesis and structure of bioactive peptides and metalloproteins

Rational design, synthesis and structural characterization of bioactive peptides, small and medium-sized proteins. Strategies of de novo design, miniaturization process and computational methods for the construction of molecules tailored to specific functions. Development of molecular tools able to induce defined three-dimensional structures in linear and cyclic peptides. Developments of protocols for the synthesis of difficult peptide sequences. Development of metalloprotein mimics of heme-proteins, di-iron oxo proteins and mononuclear metal binding proteins. Development, synthesis and structure of peptides with therapeutic applications: inhibitors of cell motility as anticancer drugs, hormones and antimicrobial peptides. Heterologous production of isotopically labelled peptides. Structural studies of peptides in biomimetic environments. Interactions between peptides and membranes. Aggregation mechanisms of amyloidogenic peptides involved in pathologies and design of inhibitors.