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Sustainable Ship and Shipping 4.0 (SEAS 4.0)

  • Livello: 2
  • Struttura responsabile: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale
  • Coordinatore: Prof. Ermina BEGOVIC
  • N° posti: Numero massimo: 15 - Numero minimo: 7
  • Sito web: SEAS 4.0
  • Costo: € 6650 - studenti dall'EU; € 13500 - altri
  • Durata: 3 semestri - Ore: 2250
  • Crediti formativi: 90
  • Requisiti per l'ammissione: vedi regolamento
  • In collaborazione con:

    - Universidade de Coruna
    - University of Zagreb
    - Technical University of Hamburg

  • Sede del corso:

    - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, UNINA
    - Universidade de Coruna, UDC
    - University of Zagreb, UNIZG
    - Technical University of Hamburg, TUHH

  • Anno d'istituzione: 2020/21
  • Note:

    A.A. 2022/23: Avviso esame finale

Obiettivi formativi

The proposed Master offers unique multidisciplinary approach, implementing new technology standards in the educational offer and curricula of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) Courses. The academic subjects are tailored to provide the level and the type of knowledge necessary for the sustainable lifecycle design of future ships, to enable implementation of the advanced digital technologies in ship production and management. Furthermore, to answer increasingly challenging safety and environmental regulations, innovative design requires full understanding of the complex regulatory requirements frame, as well as the use of advanced tools and methods (such as CFD, Big Data Analytics, etc.) in the design process. The production of today and future ships has to rely on new skills such as: the ability to model and simulate the shipbuilding process, to manage huge amounts of data, to benefit from virtual prototyping, to make use of programming and robotics, etc. The Master Sustainable Ship and Shipping 4.0 aims to form highly qualified Engineers, able to work in international and multicultural team, to acquire and properly link together the knowledge needed to address and assimilate the study of theoretical concepts and practical application and finally to analyze and to solve problems in new environments, not proposed during the lessons. Students who fulfill all the requirements of the Master Programme will be granted a double degree, issued independently by the University of Naples Federico II and the University of A Coruña with an explicit reference to the third semester mobility.

Modalità didattica

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